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2014 Les Paul Lite


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Bought it a month ago. Got it, play it, love it, sounds (and looks and plays) amazing.


Looked up the particulars. Advertised as a classic lite and back of headstock says 2014 model.


Advertisements said 2014 was Sunburst, 2013 they had ebony. This one is ebony. Serial number begins 14xx0xxx. Gibson's website says first and 5th number are year (this would be 2010). 2nd - 4th number are julian calender date. What is 400 something? Beginning to freak a bit.


Pickups advertised as 490R, 498T. I was going to replace the 498 with a burstbucker 2, 4 conductor. I took the bridge pickup out and it had a sticker that said 490T. Advertised when I bought it as 12K DC resistance. 490T is in the 8K range. I thought "crap I have a counterfeit".


No 120th anniversary 12th fret inlay was there and it is a plain block inlay. No diamond inlay on the headstock but everything was MOP. Plays incredibly well. I looked up a lot about counterfeits. This fit nothing except: serial isn't right according to Gibson's website, pickups are wrong (at least not any advert I could find and I did a lot of research), no 120 anniversary 12 fret inlay, serial number meant that it was the 420 something day of the julian calender. I don't pretent to know about the julian calender but I know there are 365 days a year, not 400 something. Again, and often, I am totally wrong.


I was all conspiracy theory crazy for a day and I wrote to Gibson and they responded back very simply with: 2014 model, Gibson Les Paul Lite, ebony with gold hardware.


I don't know why the serial doesn't fit with the website criteria. Don't know why no 12th fret banner. Maybe it was a guitar center model. You guys and gals probably know. I stressed for nothing.


I practiced with this guitar last night. It is pure awesomeness.


Moral of the story? Hell I don't know. Don't stress maybe? The world isn't out to rip me off always. Sometimes, but not in this case.



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Does your look like that?




Maybe a 13, but made in 2014?


From what I've seen it doesn't look like a counterfeit.


I think you are correct.


Hello Tman.


Gibson changed serial number format in 2014.


From then, the built year is encoded into the first two digits of the serial.


Very nice guitar! Nothing to worry about there. [thumbup]


Cheers... Bence


Thanks Bence, I am a bit embarrassed but I learned that. I researched it and still didn't realize that. Luckily Gibson customer service was right on it, they answered me at 0200 in the morning.

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Lovely guitar.. If I were in the market for a new Gibson id love one of those or the Less Plus.. Awesome slimline design [thumbup]


All the tone, none of the back ache :)


Completely agree. And I don't need to change out the bridge pick up because I am ok with a 490 T (it is fantastic). I played it both humbucking and coil split at practice on Saturday. Both sound amazing with preserved nuance. In fact, Steely Dan's Josie, which I usually play on a strat, sounds fabulous on this guitar with the middle toggle position, coil split. I didn't have to change guitars.

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Congrats, Tman, everything looks OK to me. [thumbup]


I think they built some of these 2013 model year guitars after switching their embossments to 2014 numbers and codes. Perhaps it was due to high demand? There was rather limited supply during 2013 when I got to know two of these in person.


Glad you're fine with her!

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  • 5 years later...

a bit of nostalgia there

On 9/11/2021 at 5:24 PM, Rob Dean said:

I also have a 2014 Les Paul that doesn't have a 120th Anniversary banner I was worried about that but someone told me it was made before they made the decision to do the banners that year. 

Sounds possible. Maybe the serial number would help fix the date to confirm.

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