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1943 Southerner Jumbo


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Happy Monday, all.


My offering for the week: an instrumental played on my minty 1943 Southerner Jumbo. I had the great honor of having this guitar reinspected by its original Kalamazoo Gal, wartime inspector. As you'll hear, despite the low fi playing and recording, it's a guitar worthy of being the only "Banner" Gibson ever to pass inspection twice!



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John - Does that SJ have the big neck? Sure is a great sounding guitar. Any special strings?



Yes, a (to my hands) nice, big neck. No metal truss rod, it's got the inlaid maple V. Dead straight, though, with great action. Lightest guitar of its size you'll likely ever find. It's even got the original Kluson tuners used only deep into the war, for which Kluson received a patent because the company managed to make functional tuners with astonishingly thin bits of metal.


D'Addario phosphor bronze 12s for strings. Gonna put Elixirs on it because in a couple of weeks I'll be passing it around to several hundred people at the Fretboard Summit.

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Very well sounding - so full of tone.


Don't know, but is it a fairly loud guitar. Lots of food inside without losing definition.


One of the most delicate performances I've heard from U ^ regarding both touch and dynamics.


Is this your own tune ?

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Very, very nice tune and playing!


John, I have always used 13s on my old J-45. When Willi Henkes repaired it in 2012, he put 13s on and I have kept the same gauge ever since. How do you feel 12s change the tone? On my modern SJ, 13s kill the tone. Maybe I should find out if there is an even sweeter angel hiding in my J-45.



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Holy Cow, Batman !


You can just HEAR the absolute Glory in that fine old guitar. (some fine playing, there too....)


There truly is something special about that old growth wood, old World bits, and just everything.


I guess some of it just simply can't be explained, but it just IS.....


Thanks for that clip.

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Thanks for the kind words, all!


It is a loud guitar and very responsive. Takes a heavy hand, but responds beautifully, to my ears, to the rather gentle picking in this video.


Here's my good friend Bob Minner, Tim McGraw's acoustic guitarist for the past 24 years, flatpicking the guitar:




Lars, I prefer 12s to 13s. The heavier strings seem to work well for folks who play with a heavy hand, but I think this guitar (and my others) sound better with 12s. They also suit my wimpy hands better!


Thanks again, all.

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