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BBg Sunday song


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Very nice cover, guitar, vocals ... enjoyed it. [thumbup]

What do you use for recording and processing? Felt like there was a light reverb in your voice.


I start thinking that if you dont have tin ears either... then maybe it was me ??? [scared]

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Nicely done, Stu. I'll have to check out that Stagelight.


Is the NT-1 a recent purchase?



Stagelight is pretty much GarageBand for pc

Works very well . And cheap


Nt1 I bought a few months ago now .

Just recently borrowed a focusrite which allowed for phantom power and a second mic for guitar

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It's an art I haven't quite mastered yet


I think it sounds fine.


You can over-think this stuff. The most iconic recordings in history were done in situations with far lesser equipment than many of us have in our homes now.

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Stu... again, I think the recording is perfect... I cant help but think my SM58 through some adapter might record more pure for me than my ios mics.


I use the focusrite interface, they're fantastic and have phantom power


The sm58 won't pick up very well for recording both guitar and vocals at same time sal .


The rode will work fine , same as you're doing with your iOS mic set back and somewhere between the guitar and your head , but the shure sounds rubbish when I try that .



but the shure is at its best in close proximity. I'm finding it hard to stay still and not whack the mic while I'm playing .

Shure is great for vocal but slightly better at guitar recording than the rode is ... so I have sm58 at guitar and rode for my face.


Two sm's would be perfectly useful


Am I making sense ? 😄

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