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Gold top satin finish

Revolution Six

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Very nice instrument! Congratulations!


Virtuoso Polish will make it shiny, but since the satin lacquer is different from the high gloss, You will not achieve the same result as seen on a Les Paul Standard.


Also, keep in mind, if You polish up Your guitar with Virtuoso, the result will be irreversible.


This is how my Studio 50s Tribute looks like now:





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I used a Meguiar' s scratch remover, awesome result with a great gloss finish :








Meguiar' s Scratch X works very well on the back of the guitar too.


Upgrades to come :


- Blank '59 repro truss rod cover


- Black plastics and 5 ply pickguard


- Historic switch tip and black poker chip


- Nickel metal jack plate


- Amber knobs


- Gibson ABR-1 bridge

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Since you switched the poker chip and pick guard to black I think you should go with black knobs as well. Personally I would have stayed with all cream plastics for that more "old school" look, but we each have our own tastes. [thumbup]

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What the hell happened to that guitar? Looks like somebody dropped it off the top of a high rise.


my guess is someone backed over it with a vehicle..


(I've seen this sort of carnage before unfortunately....)

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