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  1. I was thinking of ice skates. like, is this guy serious? took me a bit, i've got snow on the brain.
  2. Happy and safe holidays everyone!
  3. I love to golf, but golf doesn't love me. We also have real abbreviated seasons here in the greatish white north. I try to go to the range 2 - 3 times a week when its open. i don't hit the ball straight enough to feel confident out on full length courses so I stick to pitch and putts until I figure out my driver.
  4. Hi Lenny, sorry to hear its a fake. I hope the auction house will work with you for some mutually acceptable recourse. As a quick aside, I grew up in the Coast Mountains of B.C., and I'd really like to move back someday.
  5. Its an awesome bass. love the tones it gives me. no issues so far.
  6. All my guitars have Schallers, except one that has knockoffs, and you can tell the one has knockoffs. I'd just stick with Schallers, personally.
  7. NePb


    Sweet! HNGD!
  8. NePb


    Pics or it didn't happen: https://imgur.com/gallery/4FHINPY Please excuse my poor photography skills. I'm no longer a Gibson Virgin. You lot are a bad influence.
  9. NePb


    What a great lookin' kitty! HNCD!
  10. Good stuff, I hope it works out for you.
  11. I ordered my first genuine Gibson. I got the LP Junior DC tribute bass in blue stain.
  12. NePb


    I'd like to retire soon. Too bad I'm in my early thirties. Hopefully I win that lotto soon.
  13. Hi Duane! I'm fairly new and I don't believe we've met.
  14. Can you make your own? amazon link 1 or Amazon li nk 2 Just a thought
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