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Hi all,

So Zzounds was having a sale on their last Honeyburst 2016 60s Tribute LP with P90s and I snatched it up, I had actually plaide this model a couple of times and liked it, so I was excited to get it. I didnt have a prep and polish for satin finish and saw a vid on Virtuoso polish.


Both came today and I immediately stripped her down and did the prep application (which produced an incredible shine itself) and then the polish. I did the headstock also. All I can say is damn....that guitar looks so good now it's like night and day. It's not a high gloss shenn, but it's definitely glossed(grains are now popping out also).


Soooooo - If you wanna kick your satin finish up a bit, go with virtuoso. I believe the prep has a minute abrasive.fyi

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Mmmmmm.....seems like what we established is that can save a couple thousand dollars, buy a Tribute and go over it with Virtuoso and you end up with a great looking guitar. Of course you're not 100% sure what it's going to look like until your done but probably worth it.


Two very nice results here anyway. [thumbup]

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