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I’m pretty excited because my friend/drummer and I got a new studio. Just started moving gear in this weekend, our goal is to have it ready to record in next weekend


It’s not a huge amount of space but plenty for 2 or 3 people and it’s nice and cheap. We got the place for the two of us to write, record, jam, etc. Should be fun, and it will be nice not dealing with the conflict of a full band


Got a couple really bad pics but figure it’s better than nothing




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Thanks everybody!


Very nice room, congrats. Do you have much sound proofing? Can you get it loud in there?

If the neighbors are playing you can hear them and it wouldn’t be ideal for recording, but it’s pretty well soundproofed. Definitely can’t hear anyone else while we’re playing


We went in this morning and nobody showed up until the afternoon, so we will plan on going in early as often as possible for recording.


You can play as loud as you want here. I had the Twin Reverb cranked up to 8 or so and it sounded really great in the room with the drums. I love being able to crank up a big amp

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8 Damn. I can't turn my Fender DeVille in the spare bedroom past 4 and that is only, like it is a minuscule amount, 60 watts. Twins are what 85 watts. I'm sure you can crank it as loud as you want. You all wearing earplugs?

It really doesn’t seem much louder when you turn it up past about 5. It seems to add more overdrive, compression, and bass. Every note sounds huge but not extremely distorted. I love it.


The reverb and tremolo are a lot of fun. I threw a Big Muff in there and that sounds insane.


We are not wearing earplugs. My ears don’t hurt when we’re playing but I’d try earplugs if they don’t ruin the sound or cost a million bucks. Got a recommendation?

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Does the sound get sucked into the Carvin cab since the logo is upside down and backwards?

That’s a custom nivraC cab. So custom. There is an X100B head that goes with that which we are using for bass. Zappa used an X100B but I’m not sure how close the one I have is to what he used

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