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NGD - 2018 Hummingbird


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After being a long time Gibson electric fan (1991 Les Paul Standard) I finally added a Gibson acoustic to the stable of Martin, Taylor Larrivees I already have. I purchased a Hummingbird standard in cherry burst from a private seller. The guitar is beautiful and although it is fairly new, it has the warm open Bird sound I was looking for. I am looking forward to the sound opening up even more with good use!


I have done guitar set-ups for years and tuned this one up a bit. I shaped a bone compensated saddle to give it a try even though i had read on this forum that many actually prefer the Tusq with the UST. Tried both with the same strings and I did prefer the Tusq to the bone, so the original will stay I guess, for now. I also tried some different strings before settling on the Elixir 80/20 12's.


Having quite a few very nice guitars, I can say this Gibson Hummingbird is truly a special guitar. Even though I am a Gibson Acoustic newbie, I am already starting to understand the reason there are so many loyal fans. Fit and finish on my Bird is not perfect - I was surprised at a few of the imperfections I found, but where the guitar counts - the resonance, the tone - this thing sings!


I have been reading as much as possible on this forum as i was looking for the guitar. Great forum with lots of very helpful information. Looking forward to many hours of Gibson acoustic playing.

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Having quite a few very nice guitars, I can say this Gibson Hummingbird is truly a special guitar.

A lot of them are - they count among the most hypnotic acoustics on the planet. At the same time simple and highly sophisticated.

Glad you brought one home - now it must have time to settle.


Pictures are a must - and sounds if possible. We never grow tired of burst-nuances here.

Good to have another flier on board. Would give some perspective to hear what else you got.


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Welcome and congrats on your new Bird!

They are puzzling guitars. I won’t got through my history here, but I will say that for me there has never been a model of any guitar like the Bird. It’s scorned me, confused me, left me flat, seduced me.

I have one again. :)


A complex guitar...

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Great to see there are many Hummingbird fans here.


I am really enjoying this guitar - I have had a few friends over that are far better guitar players than me and they have all been impressed with this one.


E-minor7 asked what other guitars I have to compare the Hummingbird to. Fortunately (or unfortunately according to my wife) I have quite a few around here but never owned a Gibson acoustic. For years i have done custom guitar setups and repairs for individuals and in doing so, have seen some wonderful guitars and have picked up some nice examples along the way (Taylor 814/414/214, Martin D35,D28,000-16, 00-15, Larrivee LV-10, L-03, P-09, + others) all having something unique about them at least to me. This Hummingbird falls right in to that mix! It has a unique sound and tonality all of its own.


Here is a picture - hope it comes through. The color does change in different light and angles - I like that.

post-94102-015419300 1533822111_thumb.jpg

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