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Showing Off The Hummingbird 12 String


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My A/B test of the Taylor vs the Gibson 12 string was okay for listening to raw audio differences. However, I wanted to show off the capability of this AWESOME acoustic axe when you can really control the sources and the mix.


I ran both the Baggs pickup and my iRig Acoustic Stage pickup into my mixer and blended in my vocal from the Rode NT1A condenser mic. I panned the guitar sources left and right and added EQ and a little compression (it IS a 12 string... you must compress!) and a bit of reverb.


I'm loving the resonance and lightness of this guitar. It weighs NOTHING. The Taylor's headstock used to dive on me. Not this Bird!


Here is my cover of the great Bill Broony blue standard "Key to the Highway". Flubs galore, but sounds awesome nonetheless.



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Sounds awesome!


I'd be interested in hearing just the iRig pickup by itself as well.


Wonderful!! Sounds just like mine. Such great guitars!


Doug, that sounds fantastic. Really. Great cover.



Nice cover, and the 12’bird sounds great. Beautiful.




Thanks guys!


sbpark: Next one I'll give that a shot! :)

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