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I have a great respect for house painters


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Beth and I had the roof replaced back in August, and the dingy grey roof shingles were replaced with fresh new vivid burnt red coloured roofing.


I thought for the past few months to go ahead and paint the front door and the shutters, since they were a faded, sun bleached shade of rose pink. And the contrast between the two reds was bloody awful.


Anyway, today and yesterday I endeavored the masking and the careful, meticulous job of painting a single front door and six lousy shutters.


MAN, that is some detail-intensive work!!

My hat is off to you fellows who paint houses for a living.


Glad with the outcome though, I must say.





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Nice house Sparky. I took up painting professional when I was laid off from the Railroads, (3 times.) Actually a house that size I used to do in less than a day, But thats using a airless sprayer and back brushing it and then going over it with a second coat with the sprayer. Then the trim and no masking off. Looks real nice though Sparky. msp_thumbup.gif Nice place. Yeah, I painted residential and commercial. inside and out.

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You get a plus for that long Larry. msp_thumbup.gif I thought about it after I retired, I had to do the sons house inside and out and all the trim. Knees were shot so I gave it up.

I'm 60 now and my knees, back and shoulders are worn out. Through two head impacts at work I've got trigeminal neuralgia. I suffer with extreme anxiety too. I worn out and wish I could retire.

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