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whats up you retard. glad you joined. i guess checking out the forums in algebra on your cell phone was convincing enough for you to join............. P.S. it was funny during football when you got pushed in the dirt twice. the second time you were stepped on. oh and did you get willies I.P address yet from matt? :-$

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Oh great ...


Spitball fights and silly giggling ...


Haven't acted that way yet, doubt I will in the future. :-#

Don't tell me that you wouldn't have guessed that I was much older than I am If i hadn't said something. :-$

And yes Axe®, you can join... but you have to know the secret handshake!!!




Just turned 15 February 15th (I'm a bit young for my grade)

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Hey' date=' Tanner do you remember when you an Dylan were in the hot tub at Jack's house and you hand fell on his lap and ...... That was crazy stuff.[/quote']


ya and then you sucked your dad's 5ft long pickle. good times good times

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o... true story. once in class at the begining of the year dylan was going to the restroom and he waslked pass jacob who was sitting in the front of the class room because he was in trouble and dylan tried to fart on him really quietly so no one would here but he let it rip really loudly and the whole class heard and he ran out of the class room as fast as we could. then another day dylan yelled out S*** really loudly in the hallway because this ugly ho taylor hunter was trying to touch him and he got sent to the office for the second time that day.


the first time he got in trouble with me, because we got in a fight with two black girls about obama. this is how it went.


Day after the election for obama......

Mrs.Hunter (teacher) : did you know most gay guys vot republican and most lesbians vote democratic.

Adasha(black girl) : Tanner that is why you gay homie.

Tanner (me) : why dont you go get an abortion with your pimp b****.

Adasha: tanner you beta shut up homie before i kick your a** at wal mart.

Breana (black girl 2) yup. lolololol.

Dylan (being racist) we dont shop at walmart with your black kind.

two black girls : random ghetto talk we dont understand.......

than we go to the office. the two black girls start crying and the principal lets us go off the hook. as we go down the hall way we start busting up laughing.

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