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Videos of you playing a show

Tim Plains

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College rock is boring and lifeless but it does get you laid.


Nice job! you sound really good on "Crazy;" it takes a lot of balls to sing lead. I did it in quite a few bands but never got over being nervous as hell each time but I don't think that's actually a bad thing because it helps you keep your edge. Keep at it!

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Here was me playing with a few friends at a fundraiser last year. It's very amature but I think we did OK considering we only had one rehearsal and most of the other guys have never played in a band before. The video was shot by a kid and is very shaky.



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No' date=' if I did I'd post it. I played a few shows years and years ago.

Even if I had a video, you wouldn't want to hear it!! lol!

My old band probably had the worst singer ever!!

It was fun as h*ll, though...so, who cares?[/quote']


There are some good clips here! Thx peeps...


I havent had the pleasure of playing live..



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