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Which guitarist do you associate the Les Paul with most?


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Just about everyone already named but REO's Gary Ritchrath and his famous chirps.


I was uh.. actually going to mention Gary Richrath believe it or not. I didn't want to get funny looks though, hehe.


They had a lot of videos on in the early days of MTV when I was a kid.. and I always dug his Les Paul.

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Is he a good guitarist? What syle of music is he?


REO Speedwagon or better known as just REO.


Ridin' the Storm Out

Golden Country

Roll with the Changes


plus many more...


Please tell me you've heard these or at least heard of them.


Maybe I'm just too old...LOL

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I gotta admit the first time I got atracted to a les paul was when I saw slash playing one in one of the early videos (I think it was sweet child o' mine). Up till then I liked 80s shredding guitars.



I was about 9 years old when I first saw that video, I'd been taking keyboard lessons for two years at that point and was learning alot of pop stuff from my teacher. Right when Slash walked in front of the camera at the beginning and I heard that "pop!" from him plugging in I instantly felt like I played a lame instrument, and started harassing my poor parents for a guitar that day.

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I saw Dickey Betts last playing last weekend. There was a warmup band (used LP's) then another act (Big Walter Smith, band used LP and 335) and everyone in Dickey's band used LP's. Even his kid is playing one, but none sounded as sweet as Dickey's vintage gold top.


That guy can get blues sounds out a LP that I can't even come close to. Must be his amp!

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for me, i probably think of Slash. when i was a teenager and really into hard rock, every other guitarst i remember were playing super strats of some description. the way it looked and sounded made it stand out from the croud.



Remember the days when it was cool to have long hair and a pointy guitar? tut tut

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Besides Les Paul lol.... Jimmy Page for me..


Big +1


i remember my dad showing me pictures of JP when i was really little and told him i wanted to be a rock star, and he looked at me and said "this is one of the greatest rock stars ever"


and since then the image of JP with his LP is stuck in my head whenever i think of rock star!

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