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On a 17 hour flight from Dallas to Sydney, AUS last night, I watched Springsteen's Western Stars movie of his album of the same name. Unfortunately, because this is in theatrical release, there's no youtube link to the entire movie available as a freebie right now.

I'm not a huge Springsteen fan, but this was a good watch, covering the live performance of the entire album, plus a lot of commentary from The Boss.

Some cool Gibsons as well, including two J-200's. One is the red double-pickguard model, and the other appears to be a very faded 'burst with no pickguard. Patti Scialfa plays her 'bird. These all look like vintage guitars, and all have soundhole-mounted pickups with exposed pole pieces. Others will know what the pickups are.

With all the orchestration, you can't hear the acoustic guitars at all, at least sitting on an A380 with those four big turbofans humming away and a crappy headset.

You didn't get very good shots of the other guitars, but part of the time the lead seemed to be playing what I take to be some kind of cutaway L-5 thinline. I don't know much about those types.

In any case, it's always nice to see Gibsons used live. By the way, Springsteen was sweating like a pig, and the red J-200 was smeared with it by the end. No babying of those guitars, but he can afford whatever he wants. You can actually see how gunked up the red guitar is in the trailer.

The music was ok, but with a single general theme, much of the music also seemed similar.

Western Stars trailer


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An aura of something immaculate around the, , , , , eehh, won't call him boss. 
Remember posting a surprising pic of B with a Bird a few years ago. Could very well have been Scialfa's.  A screen-shot from the film - 2 affairs goin' on there , , lovely.


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Saw it through iTunes and enjoyed it! I have watched a couple of benefit concerts recently with multiple artists and everone seemed to be outscreaming each other in bad sound mixes, so this seemed particularly pro and smooth. Nice.

He mentioned the west a bit in the recent Broadway show I also watched through iTunes, and this one seemed to elaborate on that more.

Patti’s bird had a Baggs M1 or M1A pickup, one of Bruce’s SJs had the same and the non pickguard SJ had either a Black Angel Dimarzio or possibly the Baggs M1 painted black......a lot of people were doing that a few years back to make the pickup disappear visually. Unfortunately for Bruce and Patti, the soundman was not their friend and they may not have even been plugged in! Kidding - they were there now and again but obviously the music and THE SONG were more important for us to hear than the guitar. Though it did remind me of a time, or 2,  playing in bands and on the way home, the Better Half said the guitar was not loud enough. “Whattttttttttttt???” I reply. “Why didn’t you tell me after the first set?” She said: “I thought you might get shitty”




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1 hour ago, zombywoof said:

I am not a big Springsteen fan either but I think his  finest moment remains "Nebraska."  My favorite version is a boot which  has soundboard quality live versions of all the songs in the order they appeared on the original LP. 


Nebraska is my favorite too. Have you heard the unreleased outtake Child Bride? Fantastic song.


This later unfortunately turned in to ”Working on the Highway”, which is worlds apart. I guess it's the subject matter that has kept this one from official release.


Edit: here is another great Nebraska unreleased outtake:


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Sorry about the mis-post earlier. 🙄  

My favorite Bruce changes several times a year. The title song of The River might be as close to a consistent Bruce favorite as I have. Another one that has re-emerged recently is "Point Blank". I've been working on an acoustic version of this for a little while. Once or twice  a month, though, so slow going. Great overtones with the progression sans capo, but I really need the capo to make it through. Damned bad place for a pain trigger point.


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