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Dang! She was 18 when this was filmed


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It's good to say that the guitar is in safe hands with the young. I'm seeing more and more great young ones now and proficiency seems to be getting better.  Taj Farrant at 10  is amazing and is going to rule rock in years to come. 

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Thanks, jaxson50 for the post! She is a wonderful player! Into the favorites she goes...

As far as Taj goes...I like his vibrato. As with most guitar fetuses, I hope he can maintain his composure and not become a jerk as do so many others of his ilk. Once he hits twenty, he'll just be another twenty year old guitar player, the sheen of his youthful mastery settled into the dust. I am not trying to disparage this youngster but, I have known more than a few of his type and know well of that which I speak. Granted, I'm sure he has a great career ahead of him if he plays his hand well; I just hate to think of what often occurs to child prodigies once they come of age.

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