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Greetings - finally bought my dream guitar.....


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...and here it is. Ordered new just for me. A personal reward for a job well done in one area of my life. 

First impressions - love it. Sounds as good as it looks. Sounds so good straight into a tube Marshall. Just keep it in perfect tune and it'll roar. 

One thing that surprised me a tad is these "Roto" style machine heads. Why no vintage heads? I don't like the roto at all. Will have to change them out to something.....

Overall very very happy - I've met my dream and I'm not disappointed!






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Nice looking SG - glad you realized a dream.  Give those tuning keys a chance.  Most of us that have been playing Gibson guitars for decades prefer Grover tuners to the classic looking Kluson that Gibson so often uses.  As  you say staying in tune is most important.

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that is Sweet .    looks like a decent semi soft case too.

I like the "tulips" heads too,  but IIRC Most Kluson's have two screws to anchor to the back of the headstock,  Grover's use one.   if you're ok with "drills"... but I'd probably let it ride for a bit see if it "grew" on me as is.


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