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EBAY guitars?

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Is he even talking about that guitar the write up mentions 3 pickups or am I reading into it?


Sweet and warm clean sounds in all 3 pickup positions' date=' (rythem)neck, middle and (treble)bridge



deals given to gibby forum members, shoot me an email @ Jbaseball_2004@yahoo.com

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I'm sorry about the neg Jess, but $8 for shipping was just too much.


You could have shipped my genuine autographed Jesus pic for $2 media mail.




I hope you've learned your lesson. People just aren't that stupid ya know.

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this is the story


I shipped to a guy in florida who got pissed that I made him pay the packaging fee that the UPS store charges, so he gave me a negative feedback](*,)


I have 100 percent positive geartrader feedback though, i have 1 negative compared to 26 positives, buy with confidence

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