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2 minutes ago, dmanassero said:

Hi all))

Have have a question.. 

I have a Gibson 2018 gold top tribute, look like new because I play very seldom this guitar. Someone ask me to buy for 1.200$.

What you people think? Sell or keep?))) 

selling is up to you of course, but the offer seems to be a pretty generous one.  I don't think the tributes costs were more than $1,000/$1,100 USD)  new..

the problem is "replacing" it. 

Keep in mind the mess the supply chain is right now with the Pandemic still going on. 

The idea of just "ordering" another one (new), is not quite reality right now.  Supplier stock is either non existent or limited.

If you play it, and  you like it,, I'd be inclined to keep it.  if it sits in the case and is not used much and you're playing other things more... 

then yea.. Maybe.,..

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It sounds to me like you have a pretty young pony who sadly resides in a small, cramped paddock. 
She is rarely exercised, and feels sad. 

Some neighboring rancher wishes to pay you top dollar for her, and if you sell her, she has a chance to run free in large pastures, and will almost surely be exercised and ridden on a frequent basis. 

I would say that it's time to sell that horse. 


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