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Lest we forget...........

Buc McMaster

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Thanks for reminding us Buc.  It can be easy to forget the sacrafices others from America and really around the world have made to allow us to live and play as we choose.  Think I will celebrate today and tomorrow with some extended playing.  Music has always been a big component of freedom and enlightenment.  Peace to all.

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Not forgotten. 

Fortyearspickn used to have an excellent photo, used as his avatar (?) that captured what might've been going through the minds of those who participated in Operation Overlord. . . Normandy Beach. Well worth seeing that photo reminder again.

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Good words, Buc, and good to hear from you!  .........We were out at my mom and dad’s gravesite yesterday.  I went by there about 6 weeks ago for a few minutes and left picture frame that encased a list of things my dad did during WWII.  Midway, Battle of The Coral Sea, and how he had his eardrum blown-out.  I figured with the rain and wind we’ve had that it would be washed-away.  Anyway, it was there along with a approx 5 ft tall flag pole with a small US flag and someone had put a rock on the picture frame to hold it in place with a note in a plastic sandwich bag.   The note said, “Thank you, Sir, for your service!”  I find that very cool and gratifying.  My dad was so damn proud of his service and we buried him wearing his Navy hat.  That generation is shrinking everyday.  We could sure use their strength, integrity, and determination now.

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