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Please help me find my husband’s stolen ‘68 Blue Ridge


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This is a long shot. In late 2019, my husband’s 68 Gibson Blue Ridge was stolen from Maple Ridge, BC, Canada (a suburb of Vancouver). He is now battling stage 4 cancer, and I would love to recover it for him, now more than ever. He didn’t mark down the serial number, but there is something distinctive about the neck. It’s never surfaced on fb marketplace, Craigslist, pawn shops, etc. I was searching the web tonight when I found this site. I thought I’d post here in the off chance that someone could help.

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Try long and mc quade. Music They are a canada wide     If you can orovide a serial number. They can look to see if its gone through there stores. 

rufus music  , blue dog music. , lees in Kamloops. , try those.    

sorry to read of your Husband. Hopefully it can been found. 


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Without a s/n  you are really at a disadvantage.  You can't ask anyone who happens to open this thread, who happened to purchase a '68 BlueRidge in the past 4 years to check for that s/n.   There are 2 on Reverb and 2 on Guitar Center -   you could call the 4 sellers and describe the anomaly on the neck to see if their's is the one stolen 4 years ago.   Assuming they aren't the thief - they'd send you a photo to confirm so you could buy it.      

Bottom line - if it isn't  on the internet For Sale, you'll not be able to find it.  You can leave info at Pawn Shops in your area offering a 'reward'.  After 4 years, this otherwise would not be on their Be On the Look Out list.  Christmas - the thief may need cash and might pawn it.   But you're chances there are slim.  

You might consider just buying a replacement for your husband.     Best of Luck.    

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I know how it feels to be Robbed of cherished Guitars. Mine were never recovered.. It was a feeling of immense violation! Ultimately, I finally had to move on.. You may never recover it. Unfortunately, Without a Receipt of Purchase & or a Serial Number you might not be able to get it returned to you anyway..

A replacement, given with love from you, will mean as much or more… My wife bought me a New 1975 Martin D-28 to help overcome my loss.. It’s the only Guitar in my Collection I won’t sell at any Price.. Why? Because, it was given with love from her. To me, it’s Priceless..

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From the info below, it should be a 1969 but it could just as easily be a late 68 or early 70  

Nothing is definite with Gibsons  

847499 to 858999   1966 or 1969
859001 to 895038   1967

no made in USA stamp means 1970 or newer

Bottom Belly bridge - 69 or newer

Adjustable bridge - pre 1970

Blue Ridge Flattop
Available: 1968 to 1990
Collectibility Rating: D--
Because this is a square shoulder laminate guitar, there aren't a lot of collectors interested in this model.

1968 Blue Ridge introduction specs:
16.25" wide, square shoulder dreadnought, laminate outside rosewood layer (maple inner layers) back and sides, top belly bridge with adjustable rosewood saddle, black teardrop pickguard, bound top and back, 25.5" scale unbound rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, no peghead ornamentation, decal "gibson" peghead logo, natural finish.
1969 Blue Ridge specs:
bottom belly bridge.
1970 Blue Ridge specs:
non-adjustable bridge saddle. 12 string model available.
1979 Heritage discontinued. Reintroduced with different specs in 1989 and discontinued in 1990.


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Gibson does not change out their models, specs, production, etc on January 1st.  They might make a run of a few hundred models one way and go back to a different way in the middle of the year - with very subtle and irrelevant changes.   Given your situation, I would not worry about the year of the guitar - just get one made in the right decade - the 60s.   There was a trending change after that.  Your husband will appreciate that you have made every effort to find his stolen one, but we all know the way of the world -   once someone steals from you, that item is gone.   He may prefer to see, hold and strum one that looks identical, even if it isn't the exact right 'year'.  

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.   I know recovery of a guitar cannot be done without a photo, serial number or , and proof of purchase from prior of it being stolen   . Was it reported at the time of theft?  Police wont do anything without those documents.    

Pawn shops are the place to go for quick cash. 

a person I know here lost some very valuable guitars   With all numbers in place and reporting right away   This was quite a few years ago.  Still not recovered   

I hope you can find all the serial number to recover. If not.  You might not be able to do anything. 

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On 12/28/2022 at 4:50 PM, Murph said:

I hate a thief..

Not a favorite meal here either. Prefer a beef. Never had a guitar stolen, but if I saw that happen it would probably turn into a scene from The Battle of Hastings. 

Remember getting my dear moped looted as a teenager. For a week or so a group of youngsters lived in a house where the parents were out - and this guy (probably with a friend) simply sneaked his way around a drove the machines away, , , one by one into the lake. Damn it he was lame. . 

Had to donate them to a metal-workshop for other young folks. 



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