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Its a bit like 'Pin the tail on the Donkey', just a bit more grown up... Who am I kidding?


Ever wondered what your guitar would look like without a pick guard? Want to change tuners? Going to refinish in a different colour?


You can try all these things (and more) quite non-destructively thanks to the very, very clever Frank Montag.








Its great fun, just remember to go to bed!

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1. Press the "Print Scrn" (print screen) button on your keyboard. That copies an image of whatever you see on your computer monitor into your computer's memory. You can also hold the Alt key down then press Print Scrn to just get whatever the active window on your screen is - like your web browser.


2. Create a new document/image in a graphics program.


3. Use the paste function (in Windows, typically "Edit" from the graphic program's menu then "Paste" or you can hold down the Ctrl key then press "V") to paste the screen shot into the new document/image


4. Crop the image as you like then save it.

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Create an account at photobucket and upload the files there. Resize it to 'Forum' size (otherwise it looks a bit 'fat').


Then press the image button to add a pic in your reply: it gives you this code: img

Insert the address of your photobucket image (its easy to find it, trust me) between the img.


And Percy's your uncle!

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