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That is a beautiful guitar! Is it candy apple red? Very unique...


Thanks Dave' date='


Yes, it comes up candy apple red, I believe though it's actually a clear red coat over the goldtop, it gives an incredibly deep lustre that the pics just don't capture. Across some other forums and this one before the crash, others have seen an occasional R7 & R8 in this finish but not an R6. The term "one-off" is overused but perhaps with this one...


the red markers are "historically accurate" if i recall....they were tortoiseshell on the originals. i could be wrong though.


This was also a possibility from another forum, I went back to the shop at looked at all their other historics and the only other with these markers (they are a very definite clear red with no variance in the color) is a candy apple red R7.


In the side-on pic you will see the top looks a little darker, this is the join between the rosewood and mahogany, they are that clear you can see the join.


PS, that Tobacco R8 of yours is horrible, send it to me for appropriate, environmentally sound disposal ;) :-k=P~



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2008 R8 - Limited Edition Mapleburst...














2008 R1 - '61 Les Paul Custom...










I'm getting more mileage out of the "Liberace Burst". So far, since it is technically a '61 Les Paul Custom, I was able to post it in the "Post your SG" thread, the "Post your Les Paul" thread, and now the "Post your Historic" thread. Quick, someone start a "Post your Silver Sparkle Gibson" thread...

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