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It Might Get Loud


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It Might Get Loud


Anybody see this yet?


(EDIT: Saturday, September 19, 2009 - I saw it!)


The new movie Jack White did with Edge and Jimmy Page.

It's playing in Scottsdale now, I might go check it out since I have a day off tomorrow.


Here's a review I saw in a local write-up;




It Might Get Loud

Marketed as a guitar summit between The Edge, Jimmy Page, and Jack White, Davis Guggenheim’s affectionate, intermittently insightful behind-the-music doc is more electric triptych than meeting of the minds.


Yes, the trio gather ’round the soundstage amps to teach each other a few tricks, but it’s anticlimactic—save for the schoolboy smiles of White and The Edge’s mug when Page instructs them in the finer art of piloting a Led Zeppelin.


But the meat of the movie deals with their individual tales anyway:

The Edge showing off the school rooms and studios where U2 became one;

Page air-guitaring along to Link Wray’s “Rumble” and guiding us through the manse where the fourth Zep record was recorded;

White building a guitar out of little more than wood, wire, and a Coke bottle.


Guggenheim pits young’un against old fart: White bemoans “technology,” while The Edge is nothing but—so much so that U2 fans may find themselves disappointed by the revelation that the Wizard is nothing but a pile of pedals behind that arena-sized curtain.

It’s Page, a joyful instructor and natural storyteller, who steals the spotlight.

(Robert who? More, please.)


Only real complaint: The movie’s not loud enough.

They should have turned that fxcker up to 11. — Robert Wilonsky



My only misgiving is that the director is Davis Guggenheim.

He did the "Oscar-winning" 2006 documentary on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth.

I hate to contribute money to people so wrapped up in an agenda and cashing in big time.


On a lesser note, I'm not a huge Edge fan but I respect much of his work.

At least I don't have to listen to Bono's inane yammering...

Jack White has never done anything to impress me.

Seems his stock in trade is just being Johnny Depp-weird, but I like what the previews show.


Oh well, just have to enjoy my man Jimmy however I can since he's notoriously shy of the media.

I'll take it as I can get it, and maybe even thank Jack White for making it happen.

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They should have called it


"It might not show Jimmy Page or the Edge enough"





"It might give Jack White tons of screentime to show of what a pretentious *** he is"




"It might make you kill yourself because Jack White is alive, and in a movie I paid 10 dollars to see"


or even



"It might make you wish that you had just stayed home and watched U2 and Zeppelin clips, that way Jack White

wouldn't be invading your sences with his "guitar playing""

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I watched it about two weeks ago, and I went during a matinee so it was $5.50 :D/


I thoroughly enjoyed it, maybe it is because I like Jack White +:-@


But I learned a lot about the Edge, like Neo, never really cared for his playing, but he is pretty good when you don't have to listen to Bono :-


All in all, I think it was well made, and I hope that maybe some other movies like it get made

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Thanks for the input guys!


I didn't make it today, looks like this weekend before I'll get a chance.


As I said, I'll take a new glimpse of Page anytime I can get it.

The guy's a virtual hermit, always has been.


I suppose I would be the very same if I wore his shoes.

He got burned really bad by the media (forget the critics) in the seventies - so he refused most interviews.

Every time he would venture out into the light of day, some newspaper would run some stupid sh!t again.

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I can't wait to see it despite the fact that the only guitarist I care about in the film is Page. U2 fell of hard and besides the fact "Edge" is a stupid name that sounds like a small economy vehicle, his skills are basically effects- good delay, buddy. As for White, I'm not a huge fan but he is a hell of a lot better than some of the other contemporary bubblegum musicians.

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Jimmy Page is my second favorite rock guitar player (Jeff Beck being first). I'll try to wait until it comes out on DVD though. The movie theaters around here blast the volume at about 110db which causes permanent ear damage (I've brought in a sound level meter).


I rented Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scotts and ended up buying the DVD. I highly recommend that one.


Insights and incites by Notes

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I'm afraid I'll have to take back everything I ever said about Jack White.

Well, he's still Johnny Depp-weird...


I was very impressed with it.

Drags a little about an hour in when all three are taking turns telling about the lowest points of their careers.

Overall, it was very revealing about all three.


I've NEVER seen Page so open and freely discussing things, he may actually be human!

Watching him play air guitar along with Link Wray's Rumble and grin like a schoolboy is priceless.

Same as when the three discover (after Edge's suggestion) that they were doing a chord progression wrong.




White's goofiness actually is rooted in his childhood, almost makes sense now.


Edge tells of his childhood in Dublin and early days of the band, hilarious video is used to make the point.


Not much new is disclosed from Page, but the film illustrates much about him as a person, and a gentleman.


Spend the money, go see it!

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