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they are worth it. I have a red one. I changed out the pickups to 57 and 57 classic plus( in the bridge) and put a black pickguard on. It has an ABR bridge and nickel hardware( this was stock). I got it new for $899. tell me where you can get a gibson es 335 style guitar for that money! If you can get one, pounce on it. It does have a satin finish, which turns some people off, but for the price, you can't beat it...

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They are more than worth it.

I do own and ply a red 335 and just love this guitar.

Fancy she is alright.

However I picked up a used 333 not too long ago, a blonde.

I changed the knobs (don't like speedknobs the classic mirrors look better)

and put covers on the pups.

Looks pretty noce now and the sound of the 490/498 is not too shabby.

I do however consider to get WCR Rossroads pups or Lollar pups for it.

Any changes to the electronics are simple due to the backplate - changing anything

on the 335 is a*****, all is going through the f-holes.

ES333? Go for it, best bang for the buck trust me.

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Just' date=' maybe, you would actually hear some answers to your questions by playing a gloss finish ES-335 through a clean, say, Fender amp without effects for a few minutes. No?



The Groper







As I suggested, for your own personal point of knowledge, opinion, likes and dislikes. Again, no? +:-@




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I have played a few Satin 335s just because I like the feel of the satin necks. Should have picked one up when they were under $2k!


I thought the 333 would be nice because it would be easily modded with pickups if I went that route. Picking up that and some 57s would be a heck of a lot less than any 335 out there; at least what I have seen on the used market.

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a heck of a lot less than any 335.





We have to go with what is affordable and with what we are comfortable. That much is for certain. Hope it works out well for you. Be wary though, these steps usually lead to a gloss 335 in the long run. Happy picking.




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