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So most of you know that in the past year I've been getting into the hobby of building tube amplifiers. It has turned into a great hobby for me to get wrapped up in and for me it's been a long time since I've had that happen - totally cool.


I'm finding that there are a fairly large number of people who would like custom built amps but let's face it, those can be expensive.


I'm buying parts for 2 guys who want to check out my amps once they are built - check out as in they will buy them if they sound good. These are guys who want a Dumble type/sounding amp but cannot afford one. So I've got 2 D style amps in the works.


Yesterday at church, one of the ladies who plays piano for both our church and another one in town said there is a guy there who may be interested in checking out my amps. If/when I get an email or call from him I'm going to push the combo amp that I built first. I've actually jammed with this guy once and I think his sound and style would fit this amp great. It's also easier to build thus quicker.


So last night I started making a Bill Of Materials (BOM) on the first amp I built which is a combo and the good news is that it was actually cheaper to build than I originally thought. My little 10watt modified Princeton only cost me around $665. I have a little more tweaking to do because I paid cash for some parts and didn't keep the receipts - little things from Radio Shack like 1meg resistors and stuff like that. I've also added some mods to this amp since first finishing it so a couple more resistors here and there. This amp is the pic in my avatar.


I don't know if it would ever turn into a full time business, but it's great because I can build them and sell them which allows me to build more and sell them. I'm thinking about only charging around $400 over my cost ~ at least for right now.


I just wanted to share because it's sort of exciting and.... well you guys understand guitars, amps, and music.

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I salute you. Tube amps are all I'll use, and my two giggers now are both combos, and both have GZ34 tube rectifiers, as well as switchable options. The Boogie will do 2;6V6's, or 4;EL84s, or all 6 power tubes. It's a GREAT club amp, single channel, no master. The Prosonic is a Zinkey design that'll do tube rectifier w/2;6V6's classA/tube rectifier 2;6L6's class AB, or ss rectifier 2;6L6's class AB. I also had my hands on a Holland 40 watt combo once w/ 2 10" Fanes, but it didn't have any headroom.


I wish you the very best of luck, and while I have no use for a 10 watt amp, if you ever start building 30/40/50 watters, I'd be curious.





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I've actually have been seriously thinkin about trying a tube amp build of my own. I've been lookin over schematics and parts lists to see what kind of cost would be involved. It looks to me that you can get some money tied up pretty quick especially when it comes to the transformers. I've never embarked on anything like that before but I do have electrical experience. It looks like it'd be fun as he!! to try.


I was looking into building (for myself)one from the schematic of an 18 watt Marshall (or 50 watt plexi???) I also love the tone from the Orange tiny terror amps so I might look into something similar to one of those.


There is definately a market for custom built amps. You'd have to appeal to the boutique amp fans that are willing to pay the piper for the tone.

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The modded princeton was the design of Dave Hunter who wrote the book, "The guitar amp hand book" but I've added some mods to his original design.


The dumble sounding amps are 50 watts running on 2 6L6's. However they are solid state recitifiers (diodes and caps).


I have this old fender solid state amp that I picked up used (not working) and I'm planning on putting something like a Marshall 18watt inside - you know looks like a fender but has the monster Marshall tone.

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I'm pretty sure that you should build an amp for me...to be used for quality assurance testing and other purposes...I'll be glad to thoroughly test it for you.



I'll tell ya what KSG, if this ever turns into a full time career or even a substantial income then I'll build ya one to try on the basis that you seriously consider buying it if you like it.


Actually that's exactly what I'm doing with the two "D" builds right now. I'm going to let them try them out and see if they like it and it meets their needs then if they like it they can pay me.

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I wish I was going as fast as you building mine. I'm 2 months in on the Plexi I'm

building and it is going slow. I do some work and then have my buddy I jam with

that builds his own amps check things out before I go any further so I don't screw

things up to bad. Just have be patient and take my time but now hunting season

is about to start so I won't have a lot of time to spend on it. Good luck with venture. From what I've heard you should have no problem selling them.



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