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Opinions on SG III please


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I thought the humbucker versions were great! Needed better beveling/scarfing (IMHO), but all current non-custom shop SG's DO, too.

I thought, if I ever got a SG III, I'd probably mod it, to more like a "custom" in wiring...with the regular switch, and added tone and volume

controls, instead of the single (master) volume and tone, and the 5-way rotary switch. But, that's just me. Sorry, I don't really know about

the single coil versions.



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There is a link on the page you have a link to that has a youtube video to listen to

Sounds like a singe coil guitar to me. Check it out. You have to paste the link into

your browser.



I can't find it, I went to you tube and couldn't find a example there either, could you post the link?

Mucho Thank You

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Nice. Just a bit of advice - I've seen some guys buy a 3 pup setup and then find that the middle pup bothered their strumming and picking. Sl, if you haven't played much with a 3 pup setup, be sure to log in some playing time before you buy.

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