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Rush is RIGHT!



Great bait Roger Holmes!

Did your lovely wife help you dig that up?

I always thought she was the brains of the outfit....




Dingy Harry as the Party Boss cut a sweetheart deal for his state and three others last week.

Gonna cost the taxpayers nationwide hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

What's new there?

Nothing new.


Yucca Mountain ALONE is enough to have impeachment proceedings brought against him.




Maximum Bock-us is the New England Elitist wannabe from Montana who has escaped lynching somehow.

And he's coming after you if you have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.....



NeoLibwannabe a Man, I'll issue the same stock challenge I've used for years;

Listen to the entire clip - carefully - and let it sink in.

(You may have to shut your mouth and restrain yourself physically for 9 minutes, but do it.)


Then tell me where he's wrong.


This should be easy.

Look at the time stamp on the video, tell me what he says there and why he's wrong.


I don't CARE if you disagree with him - and hate him as you do.





Time starts now.


Tick - tock - tick - tock - tick - tock - tick - tock - tick - tock - tick - tock - tick - tock - tick - tock......

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I know it's fox news.....


It gets a bit nonsensical near the end... they just want to bash him near the end....


The first clip is interesting.... he wants Obama to fail? (his foreign policy at least)...





I think he's a moron

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