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Peace Week


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Are they naked?


(Small aside - I went into the Army in '75 - Basic training was in Columbia, SC, and we had a dozen guys from SoCal going into the Army's music program, and a dozen Drill Instructors from South Carolina. The Drills chose us SoCal guys for every dirty detail because we "were cool" - if they wanted to watch wrestling, eat chips and drink beer, we wouldn't tell on them. The payoff was that the SoCal guys didn't have to go to the tear-gas training because we had been to the concerts here, and already knew about tear gas... I had one old guy (he must have been 27 or 28) ask if it was true that in California, the women would peel grapes (for you) and knock on your window at midnight...)


What could I say?)

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They're telling students to use their hands for more practical applications like loving mother earth.


They could send everyone up to Cruzn's to help with the harvest!!!! Helpin fellow man and workin the dirt!!!

2 great "causes"...

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