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I feel like a rat


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Yeah, I agree 100%, but I just can't get courage to go on a Fen#$r forum. I still feel like a Gibson person. I just gotta use this "sound" for some songs that need a quacker.




Does anyone know how or where to find a schematic for a blend pot? Since I'm using this tele, I can't figure why those numb nuts didn't put in two volume pots or something to blend the neck and bridge...


I want to put in a push/push on the volume and use it to blend the two humbuckers. (oh yes, I still want my humbuckers) Quackbuckers?


Thanks and don't worry, I put a bag over the head stock whilst I'm playing her... [rolleyes]

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I understand why you feel like a rat. I felt like I was going to cheat when I considered getting the Rickie 320.

Oddly, my Strat and my PL are good friends. They go way back, ya'know. Though, I do catch them arguing from time to time.


There is a reason its Fender vs Gibson. In the end, fine instruments are fine instruments and the legacy of both Fender and Gibson are worthy of respect. Competition breeds better products.


Jimmy Page chose Gibson? Well, Jeff Beck picked Fender.

Clapton had his way with both.

Just as long as you keep fender bits on fender guitars...I mean, you don't have to, but I'd feel too guilty swapping the humbuckers off my LP with...jesus, its too horrible to even conceive [blush]

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There isn't anything wrong with playing a Fender they make fine guitars.


well put! [lol]


i happen to own only one guitar -- a fender strat.... it is a great guitar.... although i do like Gibsons better.... but at the moment I dont have enough $$.... when i go to college I'm gonna get an extra job so I can but Gibsons.... but for the moment Fenders work fine for me. And theyre much cheaper (at least a std strat is...)

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Go to Seymourduncan.com under support then wiring diagrams. Very helpful stuff.


I just finished a re-wiring myself, humbucker, single, 3-way switch, 1 volume, 1 tone, coil tap for the humbucker and I added a treble bleed. I found everything I needed there.

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