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What should I get for Christmas?


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Oooh! well whatever you bought' date=' we want pictures! even if its hookers and blow[/quote']


hahaha [lol]


anyway, what sort of things are you looking for?


new amp?

id recommend either the Marshall Class5 ($400), Vox ACTV4 ($250), or the Blackheart Little Giant Half Stack ($350). All are amazing sounding tube amps :)


new guitar?

well i cant think of any $400- guitars that you would want to get.... so save up the money. but in the bank so you dont end up spending it on hookers and blow lol :-




overdrive -- well, you cant get any better than the lovepedal eternity.... theres simply no better od pedal. imo its the holy grail of overdrives.... the E6 model goes for $230 on PGS.... the eternity is the ONLY od pedal i will ever recommend to people as its by far the best sounding overdrive. imo it even sounds better than the od pedals that have real tubes in them. and its far less expensive. B)


the link also has a video demo ;)


delay/echo/reverb -- go with the BOSS/Roland RE-20 Space Echo. Simply the best. $250


wah -- go with the dunlop buddy guy wah. it sounds great and a lot of the pros seem to agree. brad whitford from aerosmith even went as far as to say it was the "best sounding wah pedal he's ever played."


modulation -- i highly recommend the MXR '74 Vintage Phase 90. Its hand wired in the custom shop using an old stock phase 90 that dunlop had laying around. i own this pedal and it just sounds amazing... its a lot warmer than the regular phase 90 and not too expensive. its only $120. but whatever you do MAKE SURE YOU STAY AWAY FROM THE "PHASE 90 SCRIPT LOGO". Its a little less expensive ($100) and it has an LED (the good version does NOT have one). IT SOUNDS LIKE CRAP COMPARED TO THE CUSTOM SHOP HANDWIRED VERSION. Just spend the extra $20. Trust me, its worth it. The more expensive version is a lot warmer and less harsh, and it sounds more vintage-y.

**BUY THIS!!**


**NOT THAT!!**



***its also worth noting that the MXR EVH Flanger sounds pretty awesome. you can get some really wicked tones outta that sucker!! ($180)

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Definitely go for the Marshall Class 5


You have to play it to believe it' date=' man no lie, you can go from nice cleans to great overdrive wtih a flick of the wrist and keep everything at manageable volumes. It will change your opinion on small amps.[/quote']


Fred61, have you played through on yet? I keep hearing that the Class5 won't be available in the states now until December due to delays with Celestion. I imagine that a few have probably made their way over here, or ... maybe I need to check around; maybe the Celestion has caught up with Marshall's demand for that speaker, and the amp IS readily available over here....


Anyway, I want one. Nobody seems much impressed with the Haze, but all of the advance reviews I've read rave about the Class5. Right now, that's what I would spend 400 bucks on.

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I have a 400 dollar limit..... suggestions?

$400 for Christmas?




How old are you?




What should you get for Christmas?

How about a job?


If you're old enough to "deserve" 400 bucks for Christmas, you're old enough to perform some labor in return.

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