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Pedal Crazy...


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I agree with both of you guys...


850 bucks is a whole pedalboard full of POS pedals that will tho the same and more. 850 bucks is also a nice low wattage tube amp =P~


....or a nice multi-effects unit. like the boss gt-10 or the digitech rp1000 [lol]


or a gibson les paul junior :-k

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I've paid some good money for a couple of pedals including $480 for my Roland Jet Phaser' date=' but they are extremely rare pedals and there are no other options available for them. [/quote']


I did not know what this pedal was until a kid in the only other forum I participate in found one for $15 in a box with other stuff at an auction.


Simply incredible, here is the link, there were other responses to the thread where somebody told him that was a $500 pedal but for some reason that post is gone.



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