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So How is the new 2010 Gibson SG


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I think the 2010 model's just the same as the 08 and 09. I'm looking at one on ebay right now, and it looks the same.


Of course, the first models at the beginning of every decade since 1970 have all been the same, before introducing a new model the following year. Like the 1968-1970 sg standard with the batwing pickguard, then in 1970-1971, they introduced the SG with the les paul pickguard. In 1980-1981 they changed it again. Even 1961-1965-66 had a different design.


Maybe 2010-2011 will have something new, who knows.

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that was introduced in 08 or 09' date=' I can't remember. My SG has one.


My mid-year 08 standard has one, but it has full sized pots instead of the little square ones. BTW my early 08 special has pots and caps, so I guess they were phased in in mid 08.

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I've heard the bevelling on the 61 RI is a lot nicer than usual...


It was posted here but I can't remember the user


It was the guy who has the design to a perfect SG in his sig. (in terms of bevelling and colour and horn etc.)

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Greetings! First post.

I purchased a 2010 Sg standard in feb though AMS, here are my thoughts.

I bought this to play so I wasn't too picky, my criticism is minor.

The binding on the neck has small file marks, the set up was terrible, not even playable or tunable, expected that to a degree, sounds great with a good set up and fret level.

This 2010 is made from 4, yep count em 4 pieces. I have seen faded models with only 2! I was pretty disappointed with this.

Plays really well, I expect it to feel "new" for a few years before it really settles in.


Other than that it is a sweet sounding machine, finish is nice neck feels smooth, although the fret shop that set it up thinks it has a minor warp in the neck sideways, I havn't been able to see it or feel it, doesn't effect playability. He set it up to deal with it.


Not bad; not mind blowing like I was hoping for, I'd saved a long time for one of these.

But pretty good, maybe 7/10.


I wonder if the loss of manufacturing during 2010 will effect the collectability of this model?


cheers, friends.

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