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What else do you play?


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I frequent several guitar forums and have noticed this one appears to be the most tightly focused on a small number of genres, IE blues, classic rock, alternative, etc. That's cool with me, and I love my two Epi's, but does anybody else here like to bust out a few metal or thrash riffs now and then?


I have a 2000 Ibanez RG570 and 2006 S520 that are great for those wild "Bad Horsie" trem-abusing moments, though they are admittedly high maintenance. I also have an American Tele and Strat that are probably the most versatile instruments I own. So I'm wondering how many of you stick with the Epi/Gibson lineups due to allegiance or preference, and how many of you branch out and play anything and everything under the sun?


Obligatory Epiphone TTIWWOP:


2007 Ultra, made in Korea:



2006 G-400 Faded, made in Qingdao (absolutely the best bang for the buck of any guitar I've purchased):


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What else do I play?



Epiphone Casino (my current favorite guitar)

Gibson ES-330

ESP/Ltd EC-50

Alverez classical

Ovation/Applause (unknown model)

Ephphone flat top (unknown model)

my partners Parker PM-10 (very nice guitar)



Faux Fender J Bass (unknown manufacturer)



Ida Maria Grassi Prestige Tenor

H.Couf Superba II Tenor

King Alto

Wind MIDI controllers:

Yamaha WX5



Korg i3

Korg DS-8


Sound Modules:

Roland SC-55

Edirol SD-90

Yamaha VL70-m

Yamaha TX81z

Roland MT-32

Korg DDD5

Peavey Sample PLayer

Akai Sampler





Percussion Controller:

Korg PadKontrol


Types of music:

Rock and Roll


Big Band Swing


Rhythm and Blues

Country and Western







Beach Music

Motown Music

Classic Oldies

Doo Wop

New Age

Smooth Jazz

Hip Hop


...and one Opera Song


Hey! Music is music, doesn't matter what kind. Each kind of music requires different skills and allows me to express a different side of my musical personality ;-)


Insights and incites by Notes

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Indian alternative sitar-guitar-fusion-rock-a-jazz-billy is the only style of music that I like.

I would never own anything other than an Epiphone. O:)


Other than that I like mostly rock, jazz, and blues. It would take less space to say what kind of music I don't like. But I won't do that because I'm sure someone would take offense. I'm not here to offend people so 'nuff said.

I like guitars that I can afford, and relate to.


BTW, nice guitars. Qingdao FTW!

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I play Classic rock with my band and blues for the fun of it.

I have an Epiphone Les Paul Ultra ( that makes me sell my american strat )

an Hagstrom Viking ( a wonderful semi hollow body, in black )

An Ovation accoustic 12 strings and a Washburn accoustic 6 strings.

My main is the Ultra of course, but the Viking plays about 6 or 7 songs with the band.

My accoustics are for my pleasure and private small party at home or at a friend's place.

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i play heavy rock border line metal,and classic rock like zep.not to into the blues but every once in a while it's cool.just can't pull myself away from rock.i was warned that i would'nt like a les paul for the style of music i play but i love the beef of the paul and everyone seems to agree.installed gfs crunchy pafs and it rocks!and really nothing play's like a paul IMO.and i think an epi lp/a good one to mod to taste.to me its as close as i'll come the a gibby and thats alright with me.the in tonation is dead on the fretwork is perfect and it don't go outta tune nuf said.

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I only play guitar, and not very well. I can play piano practically by ear, only one hand. My parents think it's amazing I can pick up ear training with barely 5 minutes of practice every couple days, and make my Special II sound ALMOST like Slash's through the VJ; I used to dabble in sound engineering, this is all stuff I knew about but never thought to develop into a real skill (until I realized it might get me girls).


Been thinking of grabbing one of these along with the Les Pauls I want to get



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<...snip...>this is all stuff I knew about but never thought to develop into a real skill (until I realized it might get me girls).<...>


Although I started on drums' date=' I picked up saxophone in Junior High School (that was a loooooong time ago).


I got into a little rock band -- we were terrible, but by today's standards, everybody was terrible then.


Anyway, we booked a few school dances. There I was, having a great time playing music!!! And the pretty girl who wouldn't look at me in English class was making eyes at me!!! [i']And they actually paid me money for that!!!!!![/i]


Afterwards, in new and better bands, I had a life in a road band, everything from small town Holiday Inns to 5 star hotels to cruise ships to warming up in concert for major stars of the day while their records were in the top 10 in Billboard.


Every woman I have ever had the pleasure of getting romantic with, has been introduced to me from the stage to the audience (including the best one, my wife). I wouldn't know how to meet a woman any other way than smiling at her from on stage ;-)


Trough the years I also picked up bass, guitar, keyboards, flute, and wind synthesizer. First as "doubling" instruments, and then as major players for me. Learning new skills and then being able to apply them to make music is still a thrill for me.


The music business has had and still has its ups and downs, but all in all, I'm glad I chose a life as a professional musician.


Insights and incites by Notes

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I've always played classic rock & blues but also used to dabble in the Motown/Stax funk stuff from time to time. I also try to play some of the modern stuff, i.e. Satriani, etc. Dispite living in OK for 35 years I don't play country.


I've got guitars for every occasion from the warmer elitist dot 490/490 pickups & BB Pros to ceramic DiMarzio Evolutions and SD Dave Mustaine actives. I've got several 490/498 guitars & one with DiMarzio Tone Zone/Air Norton & 2 with SD PearlyGates/59. I've got three guitars with P-90/Phat Cat/GFSMean90's, so I've got just about everything covered. I use nickel strings on my warm ones & steel strings on my hot one's & GHS regular Boomers on my 'tweeners.


Most of the time I'm as happy as a gopher in soft dirt. Whatever I'm playing, I've got a guitar that will fit the bill.

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Every woman I have ever had the pleasure of getting romantic with' date=' has been introduced to me from the stage to the audience (including the best one, my wife).[/quote']


Ah yes I'm familiar with this... the only girl I ever felt the desperate need to try to get close to turned me down, I can't help thinking if I'd had some sort of real talent I would have at least had a chance (I have real reason for believing this but let's leave the drama out).


Amusingly, I've been off the drugs for my diagnosed ADHD for some 5 years now (I flat out told the doctors I was done with it) and I've never quite been able to have a job or a social life. Seems forcing my brain to do something it's apparently medically not capable of causes it to fix it; the more I learn, the easier it is to give structured focus to any task in general. Or it could be placebo.

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Having trolled a few threads I'm not surprised that Notes is quite the "jack of all trades", musically. As someone pointed out in another thread, this forum seems very welcoming and laid back compared to some others, and it's cool to hear what everybody else is listenning to and playing. Funk is definitely underappreciated these days, as are mandolins and sitars :)

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Having trolled a few threads I'm not surprised that Notes is quite the "jack of all trades"' date=' musically. <...snip...> [/quote']


For two reasons:


1) I'm a survivor. To survive you have to adapt. My primary instrument is saxophone, and that is a luxury in a pop/rock band. To work I have to be "better" than the others (at least a better pop/rock musician) and I have to be versatile, a chameleon. If it's blues you want (my favorite on the sax), blues you get. Mellow ballads? Standards? Whatever? If I don't know how to play it, I'll learn it.


Also, since sax is a luxury, it isn't required on every song. So the first "extra" instrument I picked up was bass (I like playing bass). It was fairly easy to learn, and the bass player in the band I was in at the time also played guitar, so we could do 2 guitar + bass songs or guitar + bass + sax songs. Later I added rhythm guitar, keyboards and others.


Plus there are times when saxophones are simply not in style (think psychedelic era) and then back in style (think disco) so the ability to switch instruments is a good survival trait if you are a working musician.


I also learned to sing, and while I'm not a great singer like my partner Leilani is, I'm very adequate anyway.


2) Music is fun for me. I like learning new musical ways to express myself, which is why I learned how to play lead guitar. I certainly don't need it in my duo, I can do a "good enough for the non-musician audience" guitar emulation on my wind synth - for a taste go to http://www.nortonmusic.com/clips.html and listen to the 3rd clip. I should record some more as the patches on my VL70-m will let me emulate many different guitar sounds (Carlos Santana, Hendrix, Rock-a-Billy, Jazz, and more) with varying degrees of success. And I admit, it's fun to emulate a guitar on the wind synth. But it's fun to play the guitar too. I wouldn't want to give either one up.


I know the purists will say that a guitar emulation is not 100% guitar, and I agree. Sax emulations are not 100% sax either, but I play them as well. Why? The synth emulation can do different things that the "real" instrument cannot do. So rather than replace the "real" instrument, the synth emulation complements the "real" instrument. So just as a piano player reaches for a Rhodes when he/she wants that sound, I reach for the synth emulation when I want that sound.


And I agree, this is a very agreeable forum, and I feel comfortable here (thanks to you all).


I frequent a wind synthesis forum and a Band-in-a-Box group that are friendly, too.

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I don't necessarily own these, but I play them regularly...



Epiphone Casino (Cherry, 2001, MIK)

Squier Standard Stratocasters (Black, 2000, MIC)

Fullerton FW-20 acoustic (Black, MIK by Aria)

Epiphone Les Paul Jr. (Black)

Gibson LG-0 (1966... trying to buy it, but no luck so far)



Fender Jazz Bass (Olympic White, 1999, MIM)

Yamaha Gigmaker



Casio WK-3200

Kimball upright piano

Baldwin baby grand


I'm looking at guitars now, as always, and have been meaning to add a twelve-string to my line-up... but I've also been thinking about buying a better Strat or Tele. Maybe I'll go all-out for an American. I love my Casino, and have played quite a few Epiphone and Gibson guitars, but I don't have any loyalty to the brand. There are times when I want to play a Strat, or Tele. As far as I'm concerned, every guitarist should have one guitar from each side- and Gibson and a Fender.


As far as styles go, I like to range from "good old-fashioned rock and roll" to the "acoustic" you hear today, once you get away from the major labels. I hate calling "acoustic" a genre, but I like to be more specific than "rock and roll" once in a while.

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Gibson flying V with burstbucker pros' and maestro

Gibson faded LP doublecut, 2x P90s

Mexican Fender Tele with Bigsby, and Kent Armstrong neck humbucker with coil tap

Korean Fender Tele set neck with Seymour Duncan humbuckers and coil tap

1987 Jap Squier Strat with Kent Armstrong 15k 'bucker at bridge, plus 2x Kinman noiseless pickups

Ovation shallow bowl acoustic


I constantly rotate the electrics for gigging but never take more than 2. I love them all, for different reasons.

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Ive got a few others but here s what I recall off the top of my head...


Epi EA250 and matching Epi EA260 bass


Gretsch G5120


Gretsch Synchromatic Jet Club


Michael Kelly Hybrid


S101 335 clone


Epi Dot Studio


Various Ibanez basses


An old Hondo bass thats been heavily modified.

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All I have is my Pierced SG Goth (which I absolutely love), a really cheap Fender copy called an Ocean and my beautiful K.Yairi acoustic. My only amp is my VOX AD15VT Valvetronix, which offers me more than I need. I have never played in a band and at this stage of my life, doubt I ever will.......but you never know!!


I love playing rock, blues, blues-rock but will attempt most "styles". I really don't like to pidgeon-hole music, rather just play whatever it is I enjoy at that moment. =P~

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i play a lot of metal (duh, username) especially thrash, but i also play some hard rock and classic or blues rock. anywhere from cream to metallica.


unfortunately i am broke so all i have are my strat, which was my first guitar, and my amazing '66 G-400. hopefully maybe after my next birthday i'll treat myself to one of the new prophecy SG's with the EMG's. i am mostly a gibson/epi fan, but i also like esp's, deans, fenders, almost anything, as long as it sounds good.

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I'm really a harmonica player but my wonderful wife made the mistake of buying me a guitar for my birthday about ten years ago and now I own five, 2 acoustic(Hohner Countryman and a Gibson Singer/Songwriter) and 3 electric(Sherry II, LP Studio, and Squier Strat for slide). I've got a couple things on backorder that should be here over time. I don't want to jinx it but I will post pics when the time comes.


I also picked up the mandolin a couple years back and have a cheap A-style that I fart around on. I'm also starting to add some slide guitar to the repertoire and have been messing around with some alternate tunings. I really should just learn how to play the first guitar I got years ago but. . .


I'm lucky in that I get together with some friends every Thursday(drums, bass, and lead guitar) and jam from 6-10pm. Then we pull the plug and go acoustic if we still have the energy. We'll play stuff from R&B to Country to Rock to Blues. Sometimes we just jam on an idea for a while. Nobody takes it to serious and we are all just happy to have the time and place to play.




"It's all folk music to me, cuz everywhere I go, folks is playin' it"


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