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Does anybody like the China made units ?


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Yes' date=' we don't agree :)


[b']No problems with Chinese guitars here, either[/b].

The Les Pauls and G-400s I've seen come from EE have been very good lately.


I'm playing both Chinese and Korean made Epiphones, no problem with either.

You've either had some bad luck OR (more likely) bad or no setups on those guitars.

No problems here, either ....both my '07 LP (EE) and my '99 AJ18SNA acoustic (Z) are flawless, play/perform perfectly, and the prices were just fine with me. I'm perfectly happy with Epi's Chinese production, judging from my 2.....
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Speaking of China! Might want to take a minute, and send prayers (for those who do that), and

well wishes, for the people there, that have been effected by that terrible earthquake! Not an

Epiphone topic, but the people that work in the plants, in China may well have friends and relatives,

that have been effected, if not themselves? What a terrible catastrophe!



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Is The Worst I have Ever Seen.


Actually I have a real problem with China and anyone in this or any other free country supporting them economically through buying their products and here's why:













...and Al's your Uncle and your conscience should be your guide

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Well it wasn't my intention to make a political statement here ,Im just saying that the China made units have a long way to go to meet the Korean quality level . Epiphone needs to know this so I started the thread . I as a buyer know what I would pay good money for and thats the elitist line and a Korean made guitar . If I want cheap and China made I'll get a toaster oven ,but not a musical instrument . You dont get a Stratavarious {sp} out of a robot factory .

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Yes, indeed....Tibet is a tragedy! Has been, since Mao! But, remember...millions of innocent "Chinese" were/are

slaughted, too. The problem is that kind of insane ideology, that exists...not just in China, but all over the world.

Innocent people are always victims of that kind of insanity. And, it's been going on, "forever!" I had this

converstaion, recently with several other people, and it seems the only thing "Mankind" has consistantly accomplished,

is better, more efficient ways of killing each other, and ourselves! All the temendeous good, we've accomlished, as well,

is always overshadowed by that!


So, having said that...and now being totally depressed, I'm going to go play my EPIPHONE!....LOUDLY! And, possibly

cry some, too.

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My LP Standard Plus Top is an '04, purchased in '06. It's a Korean (Saein). It seemed better made than the China Epi's in the local GC. I just happened to keep playing mine for over an hour as I was trying out various LPs. I wasn't looking to buy a Korean over a Chinese. I was in the GC today and checked out some Chinese LPs. The quality seems to have improved. They seemed more like my '04 Korean. I have a '96 Samick SG Artist Series Edition and it seems of higher quality than the Epi's produced today. By the way, the finish on my Epi LP is one of the nicest I've seen. It's a honeyburst but unlike most honeybursts I've seen (I'm actually not a fan of that finish). It's a deep warm red at the edge and a beautiful amber at the center. It's lovely in sunlight.

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I have a EE black beauty and a ee studio lp plus a jay turser lp copy all made in china, a korean washburn pII and a mexican telecaster.. Fit finish and playability/sound all seem to me very good. I also have a '49 Made in US BR-9 lap steel which was the student model lapsteel(i.e., the bottom of the line for Gibson), due to the age I can't really compare it to the others, but will say this, if the Korean and Chinese guitars hold up as long as the BR-9 has then that will be the true testament of how good these really are. When I bought my Tele I had no doubts that it would last, but due to lack of confidence in other made in china stuff wondered about the others.. So far I am pleasantly pleased with how they are.

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