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A Big Thank You.


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This is just a public thank you to TWANG.


In my first post here I asked about upgrading the electrics in my '97 G400, and asked about the upgrade kits available from various sources in the US. TWANG contacted me and said that he could put a kit together all soldered up and ready to drop-in; all I had to do was to tell him what I wanted in the way of pots, treble bleed caps etc. This I did, and within 2 weeks a package landed on my door step (and I live in Great Britain). I have just spent an hour swapping the old for the new, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!


So this is just me saying a public thank you to someone who has shown the true meaning of a friendly forum.






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I rock.

except when I roll.

Then I sort of bop a while.

then I rock some more.


And thanks for posting Helmetfire. I appreciate that. Above and beyond on your part!


You, too Charlie, thanks!



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Hey Twang

Congrats! you just received the prestigious "At a Boy award" #-o

Already knew you were a good guy with the help you have given me.

Glad we have a forum with folk like yourself that doesn't mind helping out when you can.

Keep up the good work one and all.


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I'm so happy today.

My VJ buyer was happy.. and he doesn't even have his amp yet. (wait till he hears that little sucker!)

My epi buyers have all been way cool and that's why I call my silly little store Happy Pickin'.


There's a bunch of good guys in here that love guitar and want to help out. Epiphone is also really great for putting up this forum.


The best thing is .. I got burned soooo many times comin' up.. so I want a chance to turn that around.

I'm not the best things since mashed potatos became a dance, too, but I'll give it a shot!


Thanks all of you.. very humbling!



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Hello Helmetfire' date='


Missed your first post so I just wanted to say welcome to the forum. No surprise someone here could actually help. Nice of you to acknowledge it. Twang is one of many who actually care. [/quote']



Thanks for the welcome.


In todays society it is all too easy to knock (hope that does not mean something else on your side of the pond), people, but it seems very hard to be positive towards our fellows. If someone does me wrong I'll say something... if someone helps me out, then I'll say something even louder.


So thanks again.

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englishers say knock me up in the morning. or used to, didn't they? meaning phone me?



and thanks reddog.. we had some hassle but we got 'er done.

don't forget to let me know when you're installing I'll try to be online so we can get it all in!




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