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HNGD ! My Latest Craigslist Find


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I found this little jewel over the weekend. I have been gasing for another Strat but didn't won't to invest much as it would never be my main guitar. What I found was a '99 Squire Double Fat Strat. Its in very good shape. The Gotoh tuners hold tune well, the frets are nice with alot life left in them and the neck feels good.

I snagged it and a very nice soft shell case for $100. Bout time I got a good deal !





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Very cool and a great deal! congrats!


After a little while you'll want someone to make you new guard.. lessee.. cream pearl.. white pearl.. parchment pearl?



actually, that guitar looks darn good as is!




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Same as above - excellent deal! I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for something

like that, one of those "my grandpa stuffed it away in the attic, and I

don't want it" , "it's just an OLD guitar, do YOU want it?" deals!!!


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