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She's home, Finally...


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Got the '03 Epi LP standard, plus top in today. Finally!

Man, I was beginning to really get a little worried...:-

Nonetheless, She's home! This was a quick cell phone

pic from work earlier today and it was shipped without

the pickguard on..? At any rate, I just layed it on it so

I could snap a quick shot. Real impressed so far!! The

finish is far more than I ever expected and what I've

been able to fool with it, The pickups are FANTASTIC!!!:D


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WTG there tgifntx, HNGD...congrats and she looks really sweet! On some of the plus tops they did send them without the pickguard on, some didn't even have the screw holes to mount it. At least I think I remember reading and hearing that on here before.

Unless you are worried about pick scratches on your new baby...leave it off and show off all that beautiful top.


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Gord- Thank you sir, I really didn't know how I'd feel about the trans amber...

Man, Purdy sharp! Oh yeah, Smooth and solid, I can't get over the pups!


Capn- Thank ya sir, Yeah I know man, The finish floored me for sure! I'll

kick it around and see which direction to go ya know.


lpfan- Thanks, Yes sir you bet, Anytime! I couldn't play my way outta real bad

trouble... I'll run on animalfarm here maybe this weekend. Just waitin' on

another 4x12 cab and we'll air it out.


Matiac- Hey man, What's goin on. Yeah buddy, Meeeeeeee too! I might have

gotten lucky... Or as someone had posted, A Wednesday git...

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RaS- Thank you sir! I stepped in it and it didn't smell for a change... Consider it done podnah!


MIDI- Haaahhh. Yes sir, I apologize for the cell phone pic. She showed up in a gig bag and

when I unzipped her, so to speak, WOW! You told me so... I think I kinda like the trans amber



sexy- Thank ya sir, Will do.


paru- Thanks so much!

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