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i.d. your Epiphone here -- serial # key, guitardater link + factory codes... a worldwide guide >part 3

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Hi to all Epiphone detectives. I hope you can help me.   I bought the Epiphone Casino pictured a few years ago. The seller said that he bought it in 1994 in Japan. I still have the receipt from Yama

Reality is you really don't know what came from Japan if your only resources are online. As you stated many colors and configurations have come from Japan including bolt on neck LP copies. I have seen

This is an attempt to get "control" about the first post,   as suggested by Steven Lister and in agreement with Duane

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I've also got the mystery MR factory code on mine - sorry can't post pics at the moment but it has a made in Korea sticker on it, the rest of the serial number says it was manufactured in 09/2001 and number 0334. It is an Epi LP Extreme - White Pearloid top. I've found that all other Epis of this particular finish also have the MR factory code. I read that Epiphone were contacted directly and they said it could be a misprint and it was meant to be MK (Muse, Korea) but I find it difficult to believe that they'd get it wrong on a lot of guitars. It's a mystery!




I just bought an Epiphone Les Paul (Custom, I guess) with "Gibson" written vertically on the truss rod cover from a pawn shop for a $185! There's no sticker saying "Made in Korea" and the serial # is MR01080370. I did some research and found different opinions attributing the factor of origin, so I wrote to the Gibson Customer Service and they said that this is consistent with a Korean production code.


Hope this helps!

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made at the Mirr factory, China August 01


Hi Pete, thanks for your reply. I specifically asked about the Mirr factory, but the answer was that my serial # is "consistent with a Korean production code". Also, as far as I know, Epiphone moved the production from Korea to China only in 2002, while mine was built on Aug 2001. It's kind of a mystery anyway...

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made Aug 05


From the first post of this thread....

Thanks Pete

OK, August 05..Thanks

Maybe it's not 1st quality, but damned if I can tell why. (I know..shut up and play it!!!)


Are "GG"s common...anybody else out there got one?

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I am friends with a guy whose two sons were in the band The RedWalls... they were popular for a bit, played on the Tonight Show, Letterman, but, well you know the story...


Anyway, one of the boys wants me to sell his Epiphone Casino and I am having a hard time verifying which model it is. It is blond, serial number is R99F 0936, and it says "Casino NA" on the sticker in the f-hole. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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so glad i came across this thread, the serial on my new casino had my head wrecked for a bit because there was no letter in the S/N. Also worked out that my es339 was made in china, i questioned the feel of the es339 compared to my Riviera and Casino (both Korean), The es339 just doesnt feel/Play as good, is this the norm with Chinese models comparted to Korean?

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made at the Samick factory, Korea Feb 93



Thanks for your help.. after reading the entire thread, I was thinking that, But I wasnt sure.. The serial lineup and the different decryption explanations had me going nuts..


Thanks again, I just picked this up with a emperor Regent from a Older Man, who upgraded to the GB series Ibanez

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there's not such a thing like a norm between korean and chinese Epis....


could you tell where it was made if it was not written on it ?


it's always just the guitar - not the country


I could tell a difference in the quality,feel and sound long before today finding this thread, and was just a question of interest. Either way if its guitar or origin , it just has little flaws that the others don't.

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there are two 2 too much... [lol]


the serial format usually was like FFYYMMXXXX


FF - factorycode, could be one or two digits

YY - Year

MM - Month

XXXX - production number / batch


around mid of 2008 it changed to 'non letter prefix'


format is




though there are some exceptions for example used on the LP Tribute/Tribute plus models


they start with F3XXXXX


we haven't cracked the code completely... [-(


there is some (not up to date) information in the first post of this thread

Good info to have

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