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side-jack SGs


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My SG Standard is a 1981 model with Super Humbuckers and the input jack mounted on the side of the guitar, similar to the placement of a Les Paul jack. I've see a lot SGs out there but few with this jack location.


Anyone know how many were made this way? Also, what's your opinion on the placement?


And Gibson sent me a spec sheet on the Super Humbuckers in reply to my query as to what these epoxy encased pickups were in my guitar. Here's what it said:


Designed in 1971, has stronger, hotter output than original humbucking but combined with better low and high end frequency response "Well suited to Fusion, Rock and Country."


Inductance - 4.7 Henries

Resonant Peak - 5.8 K Hz

DC Resistance - 7.8 K Ohms (At 1000 CPS)


Hope this info helps anyone who, like me, was wondering.

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Never had one like that. But I like the jack on the face. That way I can use a right angle plug to situate the cable in a more tidy fashion, straight up and through the strap, over the strap button.


To state the obvious - you can do the same thing with the jack on the side. B)

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I have a 1990 SG Standard in winered with Shaller roller bridge and the jack to the side. The jack to the side makes no difference for me in terms of functionality. What I don't like about the configuration is that SG's with the jack to the side all seem to have the toggle switch at an unconfortable position close to the knobs.


Here's mine



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The 1970s Guild S100c had the jack on the front as the SG from which it took its basic design concept - but it also has a roller bridge I rather like - and that's without any sort of whammy. Never had a problem keeping it in tune, either.



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