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Hmm, I got a 30 dollar gift card during christmas and I need to spend it.

So I was looking around for some things and I thought...a harmonica!

so meh, here we go (I feel like an idiot)

*sigh* whats the most common key? (I think its C?)

good price to spend on a decent harmonica?(I can add on to the price if the card isnt enough)

brands to look for?

thanks for the help mate.



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One or two points to consider....

A chromatic harmonica with a slide and all notes available would cost more...Hohner is a good brand

A 'blues' harp is 'diatonic' with only specific key notes...usually played as 'cross harp'...ie a blues in E would take an 'A' harp, a blues in A a 'D' harp etc

Great fun and highly addictive...many players build a collection of harps for different keys

Hohner and Marine Band seem to be good quality and popular


Because I am greedy I have a set of all keys (12), but they are cheap and cheerful plastic inners....


V (Harps really suck)


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So if I have a harmonica in A it's really an E minor pentatonic on the guitar, is that right?


The way it works is the 'A' harp has draw/suck notes of an E7 chord

So with air control/embouchure adjustment an E Blues scale can be played....




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