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Anyone try the solderless pots yet?


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You mean to tell me that I burnt my hand and my guitar trying to figure out how to solder for nothing last year?


Oh well.....I'll stick with solder for now anyway.


1. learning to solder properly is a must, unless you want to hand all your walking money to a tech in a shop.

Or if you want to build pedals and amps, it's kinda the one thing you have to know.



2. I will NEVER pay that much for a Pot, I would rather solder and spend the twenty bucks I save on strings and picks.

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but, but.........my wife just bought me the "light duty industrial" Weller soldering station to go with my 2-stage soldering gun....

they're taking the "cheat method" a bit too far, but, if it works and folks want to pay the cost, more power to them !


i'll keep bein' a lead burner though.....

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I'm sloppy with the soldering iron, but that thing looks like even more trouble than me being messy.


The best "solder-less" system I've seen is what EMG is using. The computer connector/wire harness application is proven and sound, not to mention easy to use.

All those tiny screws are crazy.




**NOTE** this has nothing to do with EMG products, blah blah blah, but about a better solder-less connection idea.

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