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I built a pedal.


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A friend of mine is a bit of a mad scientist. He got fed up trying to find vintage gear, so he taught himself how to make some of the things he's looking for -amps, pedals, pre-amps. I was intrigued by his ability to make stuff, so I asked him to teach me a thing or two about building gear. We went with a RAT clone project. Here are some crappy iPhone images of my pedal from start to finish. I learned how to read a schematic (I still suck at that though, it's confusing), etch a circuit board, drill it out, attach the various components to the board & solder them, drill out the chassis, attach the pots, switch, & jacks, wire it, and put it all together. There's a bad solder joint or two in there that I still have to fix. -It's affecting the volume pot, but my dirt box makes some pretty good distortion. Once I get that taken care of, I'll post a sound vid. Honestly, I don't ever see myself as a professional pedal builder (it took me 2 Sundays to make 1 pedal), but this was a really cool learning experience. It was surprising to learn how simple the technology is that goes into some of those classic pedals that we all love.



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