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Sheryl Crow - again


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Spotted a photo of her in The Observer ( some would say a quality sunday paper) yesterday at a Democrats convention last week. She was playing what looked like an SJ185 12 string.


I've always like her alot!


Sorry couldn't find a picture on t'internet so will try to photgraph it and post when I get a moment.


Cunk - she's a bit of alright mate!

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Who could forget her awesome 'Drink More Milk' campaign.

You just know the hand that will wipe the cream off that top lip also wiped her.....



And her dedication to Gibson guitars is legendary too.....


Hang on just a cotton-pickin' minute there people, a Gibson Telecaster.....

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I too am befuddled by the attraction many have. She seems cool, but doesn't exactly get my engine revved.


Cool guitar. I'd love to find a great J-185--short of the one I played at Gryphon which disappeared in one day at $1200...coolest guitar I've ever played.

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