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dead-rockers by gibsonlayla86, on Flickr




OK hope this shows up.... this is a wallpaper of dead rock stars I made. It goes along with a rock history poem I wrote which you can read on my blog here:



Sure.... I do have better things to do with my summer..............




The pics appear in the order the 'list of the dead' appear in the poem L to R top to bottom.


Lennon shows up 3X just because.... I needed filler for the bottom 2 corners. :)




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Thank you all!!




YES, it is sized 1024 x 768 to be a standard laptop/PC wallpaper. It should have high enough res to "stretch" all right without blurring too much.




However when I put it on my own desktop to test it out I noticed some of the "quilt" corners were NOT lined up so well and it was bugging me, some of the color vs B&W choices were bugging me, so, here is today's revision:





rockstar-paper-lg by LindaOfficial, on Flickr





DAMIAN - you are not dead AND you are not in the poem.


However you did get to READ the poem, I emailed it to you a while ago. Everyone else has to go to the link so you are still Special. [flapper]


Far less evidence of Paul dead than Cobain dead - I have seen the coroner's report and some gruesome photos. He wasn't found for four days y'know. :unsure:




Kossoff ---??? Well, YOU try working everybody's name into a POEM and make it sound groovy and rhythmic and hypnotic all at the same time!!




Oh and Gary Moore was not included as he had not passed away yet when I wrote it.


But I probably should have figured Les Paul in there somewhere......... ooops


Maybe I'll have to write another one, just about guitars and their makers :) haha





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***If you have a "widescreen" computer you might want to use the "Center" option rather than "Stretch."


But yes, please -- feel free to use as wallpaper if you like it, that's a good part of why I made it!!




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Cool...but why is Lennon in there 3 times???


At the top I said, I needed filler for the bottom 2 corners.


Real reason --- I entered a contest on SingSnap (and made Finalist so far!!) and the page design was surrounding the song, "Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)" re: the death of John Lennon.


I may revise the poster after a while and fill the corners with Freddie instead :)


But I wasn't going to revise the poem to add more lines... it's long enough, although I did miss quite a few relevant names these came to me as the most known and important... in my book...

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Great work and great writing. Is there a link to your work put to music.


thanks for the post.


Hiya G!


I have not set this poem to music as it's not really a lyric... it has no musical structure.... I suppose I could beat a conga drum (or fake one on GarageBand) and recite it...


But yes I have some original music - it's my link at the bottom of my sig there:



Also have a soundcloud/lindaofficial and a facebook/lindaofficial you can check out. :)


Thanks for asking!


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