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Bridge Pin Pulling Tip


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I just changed the strings on my SJ200 (back to light gauge from medium) and thought I'd share this little tip I use all the time. For those of you that use the bridge pin puller that is part of most string winders:



... put an old credit card or similar piece of flat plastic behind the pins to shield your bridge from dents.



If you have a string puller like this:



... you don't need to worry.

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I guess I have a secret trick. When I get a tight one, I push the string down into the bridge, and once it slips a bit past the bridge pin, it's always easy to pull the bridge pin out.

Good one! Thanks for sharing. I have used the puller-slot on the tuner winder many times for speed and ease. I have never dinged or dented my bridge or guitar doing it. I really don't understand the issue!

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What do you use to pull out your end pin??

Twist while pulling using thumb and side of forefinger. Put it in the same way. Whatever you do, don't rest the guitar on the end pin, or you'll have to use a pair of visegrips to get it out! I have used those textured rubber gripping pads that you use to open stubborn jar tops as well.

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