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I swear I need professional help. The GAS from the 61 reissue SG I got on Wednesday hasn't even worn off yet. I "upgraded" my Les Paul Studio Deluxe this evening. From this:




To this:








Not much to say other than it is a great guitar. We've all played Les Pauls, and this one is a perfect example. Very happy with the upgrade. Even from GC, got a GREAT deal. Wish I would've got a little more for my Studio, but it was made up for in discounting the price of the Standard. Also sold my US Deluxe Tele to cover this acquisition.

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Thanks for the kind words all. I actually wound up returning the Traditional for a 2008 (Made in 2010) Standard Plus top that I am much happier with. I just wanted more. The original post has been updated with new pics.



I can't even describe how nicely the new one plays and sounds. Sustain forever, even on light picks and strums. Seriously home run. Thing had been hiding in the back at my local GC. Hasn't been touched since pics were taken for GC Platinum. Got fair deal. I wouldn't say ridiculous, but definitely fair.

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