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Happy Birthday to Me!


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Just in time for my birthday last week we got a delivery from UPS -- my new L-00 Legend. And she is a beauty. We saw an L-00 Legend when we were at Homecoming last June. It was hard to walk away from. Trouble is, I needed it turned upside-down to play left-handed. Paul from Music Villa checked and Ren said he'd build a lefty, just for me -- pick out the wood, carve the braces, etc. How could I turn down a deal like that? The Gibson folks in Bozeman are terrific! It was a bit of a wait but I think it was worth it. He picked the most beautiful flamed mahogany for the back and everything about it is just about perfect. And the sound is amazing for a small body guitar. I've already bonded with it completely.









-- Anne

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While we were at it, we decided to take an L-00-size family portrait.




On the left is my 100+-year-old Washburn with Adirondack top and Brazilian rosewood sides and back. In the center is my new L-00 Legend (Adi/Hog). On the right, my lovely vanilla-wafer-'burst Collings C-10 (also Adi/Hog). All three, despite having the same body type, sound extremely different. The Washburn is almost indescribable, the sound is loud and clear and very sweet with just a little funky twist. The L-00 Legend is dark and strong with a really good "Gibson" kind of sound to it. The Collings is light and clear and softer than the others. I think I might just have the best three guitars in the world.



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I think I got socks for my birthday tooo Twilson....lol.....not to compare with what AMP got, lol....but damn.....this is a nice birthday present. Amp.....I also have a nice 100 year old Washburn, and am in the San Francisco area too.....wouldn't mind getting together and comparing them sound wise.....if you get a chance....drop a line....email wise...congradulations again....and happy birthday

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