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Neil Young & Crazy Horse


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Last week I got to finally see Neil Young and Crazy Horse at the Peterson Events Center when their tour came through Pittsburgh. My girlfriend LOVES Neil Young. He's her absolute favorite musician, so the night was particularly special because it was also her first time seeing him perform. It was a really amazing show. We got there early, and claimed our spots. We were about 10 feet from the stage. His voice still sounds awesome, and his unmistakable guitar tone sounded as it does on the records. When they played Cinnamon Girl it was such a surreal moment. My only regret is they didn't play more songs, but overall it was a great concert. A young couple even got married during the concert. My girlfriend caught a guitar pick! Such a special night. I think I was just as excited to see his Bigsby equipped Les Pauls as I was to see him haha.


Anyway, here are some pics. Just from my iPhone because they weren't letting real cameras in.







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Awesome pics of an awesome band. Neil's guitar tone is my second favorite after Townsend's LAL tone.


Some people complain that Neil isn't a very good lead player, but I disagree: just because you play more slowly doesn't mean you are any less effective. In fact, I would argue that he makes every note count.

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Cool pics! I recognize the one with the "psychedelic" lighting as taken during Mr. Soul. I was lucky enough to see them twice last week, in Chicago on Thursday then on Saturday in Austin at the Austin City Limits Festival. Both great shows. I've gotten to see Neil many times over the years with and without Crazy Horse and it's always well worth it but for my money you can't beat seeing him with the Horse!


And heymisterk, I'm with you completely on the tone thing--both Townshend's Live at Leeds and Neil's are at the top of my list.

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I watched Neil Young and Crazy Horse on Live from Austin City Limits last week.

It was on the internet.

It was great.

Certainly in step with other performances I've seen.

Glad you had such a great time.


Last time I seen Young was back in 1996-97. It was with Crazy Horse too.

Leaning on the stage for most the entire show, I'll have to say it's one of my top-5 concerts.

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