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Plain Jane's getting cold!!


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Yes Dave it is.


The WB is a little off in the pictures but hey ho!!


I've played more guitar than ever this weekend! Think I'm on a roll!!




Excellent!! Me too, had a couple recent gigs with the band, playing alot at home on my own and still have my weekly classes... [thumbup]

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Guest Farnsbarns

some plain tops are less plain and more "unflamed". While no where near as spectacular as Simon's, mine has some beautiful but subtle grain, difficult to photograph, this kind of shows it but I had to mess around with hue and saturation so the colours are horrid...



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hey Flight


I like the photos too


question, what editing tool are you using,


the effect your getting, seems to be some sort of contrast thing,, I love that, I can't seem to put my finger on what people use to create that

"Aged" look to the photo.


What is that???

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