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  1. MY wife goes strictly by looks. She loves my quilted J185, she loves the hour glass shape of it too. Thinks the J45 burst is "kinda plain looking" Whatever!
  2. I bought my Zager Zad80ce in 2007 for $650 and 75 for the case. Solid Cedar top and solid hog back and sides. it sounded great right out of the box and has only mellowed since. it plays better than any Martin I have played although I have not played any top of the line Martins just there mid priced models. I have not had one problem with it for 13 years now (knock on wood). I have not play any newer models of the Zagers, but I would feel confident buying one if i was in the market for a new guitar. I also own a J45 burst and a maple J185 which I love. i have other guitars but these 3 are my
  3. first off I'm just a playing on the porch type of player and not nearly as knowledgeable as some here. That being said, I have left a guitar in open G for weeks with no problems. But when I tune up I go back to standard after playing. great capo advice J45nick.
  4. The original. there will never be one like him. RIP Hey Sgt. I see on your profile we live about 10 minutes apart. I'm im NMB
  5. one that I think of often and have put in my repertoire is Get Together by the Youngbloods
  6. I have a Zager ZAD80CE cedar top with rosewood back and sides. this guitar is awesome . sounds and plays better than my friends Martin D-18. when ever he comes over he can't keep his hands off of it. I have owned this guitar for 12 yrs and it just keeps getting better. next to my 2 Gibsons, a J45 standard and a J185 maple it holds its own.
  7. If you don.t mind would you let us know how much $ you have invested in it?
  8. Anyone have any experience with an Allen Woody short scale bass? any thoughts or opinions?
  9. This thread seems to have evolved into my favorite of all time and the GOAT. So IMHO the Rolling Stones are the GOAT. still rocking after all these years.
  10. Twang Gang, like you i live in golf heaven. I'm in myrtle beach. handicap now is 8. used to be scratch in my youth, 70 now. hey if you want a new addiction- take of golf. my new addiction is Gibson guitars
  11. just got a 2011 gibson sg standard bass short scale. any amp advice would be appreciated. also strings. thanks
  12. Sweet City Woman the Stampeders on my J185 maple Sunshine Superman Donovan Epi LP Custom
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